Our company has strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers and producers of products from all over the globe and we carry at our locations a full line of cigars and accessories; pipes, pipe tobacco and accessories, imported and domestic cigarettes. We believe that success in the cigar business is based on a three-pronged approach to the market.

First, that the finest products and the broadest possible selection be made available to the discerning customer so that our customers can purchase cigars, not by the box but by the single stick in a great variety and in order to sample the entire spectrum. Second, that the price point of the cigars should be rational, reasonable and affordable and priced at such a level that it attracts and develops a loyal customer base. Third that the customers enjoy a unique experience in visiting our stores that incorporate the best of New Orleans architecture, history and ambiance.

This three-pronged marketing approach has paid dividends to the positioning of The Mayan Import Company in the premium tobacco market in the City of New Orleans. The Mayan Import Company was voted by the readers of Gambit as the No. 1 tobacco store in New Orleans and it has the largest selection and the largest inventory on-hand of all retail tobacco dealers, for sale to the public on site. We pride ourselves on product knowledge. Both principals and staff have traveled to Central America to review manufacturing operations and to purchase products. Company personnel have walked through tobacco fields in Central America, gone to international bulk wholesalers and have visited numerous factories and manufacturing operations. Company personnel have direct relationships with persons involved in the cigar manufacturing in Central America and with our distributors. This extra effort to acquire and impart knowledge and the commitment to a solid selection of available products coupled with the ability to inform discerning consumers of the various characteristics of each product is a critical component of the Mayan Import Company purchase experience.

We believe that our customers are not merely purchasing a consumable commodity, but much like the purchasers of wine or other fine consumables, discerning customers seek advice, opinion, knowledge and a basis of comparison for their cigar experience. This requires extensive research, knowledge and training, at which our Company excels. This fine consumable approach to the sale of cigars and imported cigarettes in a unique historical setting has resulted in our Company experiencing consistent growth for each of its operating years.The Company has transformed itself from "just another" tobacco retailer into a destination for discerning tobacco enthusiasts from around the country because of its broad based selection and inventory and its knowledgeable staff and wonderful facilities. We are renown by our customers for having a very knowledgeable staff and for our ability to acquire those hard to find products for our customers. Without a doubt, the experience of having a fine cigar from The Mayan Import Company is unparalleled in the City of New Orleans and likely throughout America.